Referral Process

Asanda Cheung


To book an appointment, email

Ji Yoon Kim

MDiv, RP

To book an appointment, email

Dr. Merry C. Lin

PhD, CPsych

To inquire about Dr. Lin’s assessment services or to book an appointment, please email For more information on Dr. Lin, please visit

Dr. Anna Chen


Due to length of her current waitlist, Dr. Chen is not able to accept new perinatal referrals unless you have been a patient of Dr. Chen's in the past with previous pregnancies/postpartum periods (please call (647) 648-6095 to book an appointment). Dr. Chen is currently still accepting referrals for young children with primary anxiety disorders for Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. Child must be between the age of 5-11 and referred by pediatrician or family physician, faxed to (647) 689-4635. Please be aware current waitlist is approximately 4-6 months long

Dr. Patrick Lo


A referral from a physician is required. Please fax your referral to (905) 209-0800 using the referral form below:

Dr. Nicola Yang


Given the length of her waitlist, she is not currently accepting external referrals for individual therapy. However, patients may still occasionally be referred to her internally by one of the clinic’s psychiatrists depending on availability and patient needs.

For individual therapy consideration, patients must be age 16+ and referred by a physician to Dr. Patrick Lo for a one-time psychiatric consultation, who will then determine if individual therapy is available or appropriate at the time.